International Applicants

Before Immigrating to Canada

The regulatory bodies will accept and process an application for registration from an applicant from another country. All applications are treated in the same manner and must meet the requirements as specified in the province where the application is being made.

When the Applicant Arrives in Canada

Applicants may choose to wait until they have arrived in Canada to begin the application to register with the provincial regulator.

Language Proficiency Assessment

Most provinces require that applicants be able to effectively comprehend and communicate in either English or French, both orally and in writing. Language proficiency is assessed informally through the applicant’s ability to successfully complete the written examination(s) and clinical competency examination. Some provinces may require additional language proficiency assessments.

Occupational Training and Upgrading

If an applicant has not practised dental hygiene within a certain time limit before her/his application is received by the provincial regulator, the applicant may be required to successfully complete an approved clinical refresher course prior to taking the clinical competency examination. This varies with provinces so applicants must contact the provincial regulator for specific registration requirements.